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Upstream Tech’s research & development efforts are dedicated to advancing the state of technology for watershed management and conservation.

We publish our research findings because we believe that openness, transparency, and collaboration are required to tackle our pressing climate challenges. We welcome continued discussion on these topics: if you would like to learn more about our research please contact us at team@hydroforecast.com.

Published Papers

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Toward Improved Predictions in Ungauged Basins: Exploiting the Power of Machine Learning

Water Resources Research (2019)

Authors: Frederik Kratzert, Daniel Klotz, Mathew Herrnegger, Alden K. Sampson, Sepp Hochreiter, Grey S. Nearing


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A note on leveraging synergy in multiple meteorological datasets with deep learning for rainfall-runoff modeling

Under review (2020)

Authors: Frederik Kratzert, Daniel Klotz, Sepp Hochreiter, and Grey S. Nearing

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What Role Does Hydrological Science Play in the Age of Machine Learning? Under review (2020)

Authors: Grey S. Nearing, Frederik Kratzert, Alden Keefe Sampson, Craig S. Pelissier, Daniel Klotz, Jonathan M. Frame, Cristina S. Prieto, Hoshin V. Gupta

Conference Proceedings

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Machine Learning is Central to the Future of Hydrological Modeling

Conference: European Geosciences Union (May 2020)

Authors: Grey Nearing, Frederik Kratzert, Craig Pelissier, Daniel Klotz, Jonathan Frame, Hoshin Gupta

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Forecasting Seasonal Streamflow Using a Stacked Recurrent Neural Network

Conference: European Geosciences Union (May 2020)

Authors: David Lambl, Dan Katz, Eliza Hale, and Alden Sampson

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Combining Parametric Land Surface Models with Machine Learning

Conference: International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) (February 2020)

Authors: Craig Pelissier, Jonathan Frame, Grey Nearing

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Industry and Academic Collaboration to Advance Adoption of Machine Learning Hydrology

Conference (Invited): American Geophysical Union (December 2019)

Authors: Alden Keefe Sampson, Grey Stephen Nearing, Frederik Kratzert, Marshall Moutenot

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Using LSTMs for climate change assessment studies on droughts and floods

Conference: 33rd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS): Workshop on Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning (November 2019)

Authors: Frederik Kratzert, Daniel Klotz, Johannes Brandstetter, Pieter-Jan Hoedt, Grey Nearing, Sepp Hochreiter