Smarter operations and planning with accurate discharge and quality forecasts, anywhere on earth.

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Why HydroForecast™?

Maximize your operational efficiency and minimize risk. HydroForecast™ leverages advancements in satellite imagery and machine learning-based hydrologic modeling to provide high-accuracy forecasts, even where there are no existing gauges.

  • fast-forwardMinimal implementation period
  • cleanHighly accurate forecasts
  • globeForecasts anywhere, even where there are no gauges
  • timeline-eventsAutomated delivery with a range of preset and customizable forecast horizons
  • lockIndustry-leading cyber security standards

Read the case study

See how the HydroForecast™ neural network successfully learns the physics of snowfall and snowmelt in the South Payette River basin and accurately predicts spring runoff.

Operations Optimization

Explore how HydroForecast™ uses river flow and power price forecasts to create optimized hourly operations plans balancing financial, social, and environmental objectives.

Short-term Forecasts

Our 10-day forecast is provided as hourly predictions for first 3 days, and daily predictions for the following 7 days. Because basin and meteorological conditions are constantly re-evaluated as remote data becomes available, predictions are recomputed multiple times daily.

Seasonal Forecasts

Our seasonal forecast is provided as a total seasonal streamflow, as well as a percentage of long-term historical average. We add data to our models specific to long-term flows, including snow-specific inputs from stations and satellites. Updated reports are sent weekly, with a commentary from our team as to why changes to the forecast occurred, if at all.