Changing the way hydropower is operated with accurate flow and quality forecasts, anywhere on earth.

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Why HydroForecast™?

Maximize your operational efficiency and minimize risk. HydroForecast™ leverages advancements in satellite imagery and machine learning-based hydrologic modeling to provide high-accuracy forecasts, even where there are no existing gauges.

  • fast-forwardMinimal implementation period
  • cleanHighly accurate forecasts
  • globeForecasts anywhere, even where there are no gauges
  • timeline-eventsAutomated delivery with a range of preset and customizable forecast horizons
  • lockIndustry-leading cyber security standards

Read the case study

See how the HydroForecast™ neural network successfully learns the physics of snowfall and snowmelt in the South Payette River basin and accurately predicts spring runoff.

Our Approach

By incorporating a range of data sources from satellites and ground sensors, our machine learning models rapidly calculate short- and long-term streamflow with unprecedented accuracy. Our goal is to provide better data for decision-making to protect your assets, enhance operational efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

How does this work?

  1. We synthesize data from a range of sources, including weather and landscape conditions from satellites, meteorological models, and on-the-ground sensors.
  2. We train our neural networks to forecast streamflow in any basin based on these data inputs.
  3. Our expert team evaluates the models to ensure maximum accuracy and uses additional ground data for localized calibration if available.
  4. The model produces accurate predictions for streamflow along with a probability distribution to inform operational decision-making and minimize risk.

Short-term Forecasts

Our 10-day forecast is provided as hourly predictions for first 3 days, and daily predictions for the following 7 days. Because basin and meteorological conditions are constantly re-evaluated as remote data becomes available, predictions are recomputed multiple times daily.

Seasonal Forecasts

Our seasonal forecast is provided as a total seasonal streamflow, as well as a percentage of long-term historical average. We add data to our models specific to long-term flows, including snow-specific inputs from stations and satellites. Updated reports are sent weekly, with a commentary from our team as to why changes to the forecast occurred, if at all.